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    • Since its inception in 2012, T7C has provided IT solutions that offer positive value and not just cost to our client’s business. As a proudly South African company our vision is to facilitate South African business growth through effective understanding of business requirements, coupled with implementation and training of global systems such as SAP and SAS.
        • Our partnership with SAS, brings the best in class of data analytics to the South African market and introduces exciting software solutions such as
    SAS Visual Analytics (SAS VA)
        • and
    SAS Customer Intelligence (SAS CI)
      • to the business user.Our aim is to make IT Solutions and Services simple and effective, yet sophisticated and intelligent. We want to make your business more productive, more efficient, and more cost effective.
      • We believe that the intellectual wealth of South Africa exists at a grassroots level, and we are committed to creating opportunities in IT for the youth of our country. In 2016 we launched the T7C mentorship programme, offering six months of sponsored technical training, business skills and practical experience for young South African professionals who are currently without work.
      • The Services we provide to our clients hinge on a strong understanding of what our clients do, and what objectives they want to achieve. With a problem solving approach, our services and solutions identify key areas for development, and devise a strategic plan to achieve the objectives.


    T7C looks to put together the puzzle pieces of a global puzzle.

    A company born and bred in Johannesburg, T7C has been around for a couple of years, and has quickly grown to fruition.

    Kasavan Aboo

    Kasavan Aboo is the founder of T7C with a great number of years of SAP experience. He has acquired a vast amount of knowledge in various industry sectors ranging from Chemical, Oil and Gas, Automotive , Beverages, Breweries, Banking ,Mining , FMCG and Pharmaceuticals. Kasavan has implemented projects in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.


      Professional Services To Help Your Business Succeed

      Amongst other professional services, T7C has specialist consultants who deal in:



      data centre



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          Raumarais Park, 2090.

        Telephone: +27 11 440 2947
        Fax: +27 86 501 1597